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Shalom Declaration

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 01/08/2015

The Shalom Declaration – a public declaration by Christians across the UK.

For more information – including where to send the signed declaration – please contact To download a copy of the Declaration please click here: Shalom Declaration – final

Shalom declaration Leeds 2015

A public declaration by Christians across our nation which states as follows: We hereby affirm as Christians that so much of our spiritual inspiration for our faith is derived from the Hebrew Bible. We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

We deeply appreciate that Israel is the only country in the Middle East which extends freedom of worship to all its citizens and where the Christian community is growing.
We grieve and stand with families in Israel and the wider Middle East, who have lost loved ones and with all who are persecuted by the rise of violent extremism and intolerance in the region. We pray that those inciting trouble and disharmony in the Middle East and who threaten the existence of Israel will be thwarted.
We further pray that the peacemakers will see their patience and vision rewarded so that Isaiah’s prophecy of “swords beaten into pruning forks” and the declaration of Jesus that “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God”, will soon become a reality.
We draw succour from the vibrancy of the State of Israel, from its democratic political system, its academic and cultural creativity and its remarkable contribution to humanity in terms of science and technology.
And we call upon the spiritual leaders and elected representatives of our nation to work tirelessly to combat anti-Semitism and violent extremism across the world and to strengthen understanding and co-operation between the peoples of our nation and of Israel.

Glasgow - Shalom david currie nigel Tuckton Bournemouth Israel prayer Shalom OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ICEJ Wigan shalomAlfreton John Peters Shalom Declaration

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Message from NIFI

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 31/07/2015

We condemn without reservation the arson attack at Duma which has left a Palestinian baby dead and the knife attack in Jerusalem which has left six Gay Pride marchers injured.

It is sad to see the fires of demonization against Israel being stoked by the actions of Jewish terrorists, but at the moment our thoughts are with the bereaved and injured.

A message from Belfast-born rabbi, Geoffrey Hyman:

I – as a human being, orthodox Jew and rabbi – severely condemn the acts of Jewish radicals who commit acts of violence against others in the name of our holy Torah. Whether it is a deranged criminal who stabbed participants at yesterday’s Gay Pride parade in Yerushalayim or militant West Bank settlers who burnt down Palestinian homes in Duma, acts of violence and terrorism against others are wrong. Such acts stand in stark contradistinction to our Torah teachings which are “deracheah darkhei noam” – its ways are the ways of pleasantness; “vekhol netivoteha shalom” – and its pathways are to peace

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Prime Minister Netanyahu’s message to the people of the UK

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 16/07/2015

Please view Prime Minister Netanyahu’s urgent message to the UK delivered earlier today.

Netanyahu hammond photo

In the UK parliament yesterday, foreign secretary Hammond dismissed “Tel Aviv’s concerns” about the Iranian agreement. Listen to Netanyahu’s response to Philip Hammond.

The Iranian agreement gives Iran two paths to the bomb. It unleashes billions of dollars to a regime sponsoring terrorism across the world. The alternative to this agreement is not war but a much better agreement.

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NIFI salutes Jim Shannon MP

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 10/07/2015

We salute Jim Shannon MPs contribution to the recent Westminster Hall debate on the UN commission’s report on Gaza.

Jim made clear the UN’s history of dealing with this issue has been so biased. Any international report should address the causes of on-going conflict and seek to restore peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

Jim Shannon

Such a report would need to address the aspirations of Hamas and more extremist groups in Gaza, who want to do with the Jews what is happening to other religious and ethnic groups across the Middle East – either slaughter them or force them to flight.

That sad truth should cause Mark Durkan MP and others to reflect on their suggestion that Israel should be subjected to an arms embargo. Israel is a small democratic state which has Hamas, Hezbolla, Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad etc on its borders.

How would Mark like his own constituency in Foyle to be in the same position?

Mark Durkan’s call is therefore tantamount to saying “throw Israel to the wolves” – like the Christians, Yazidis and Muslim minority communities in the region.

The huge issue of reconstruction of Gaza needs to ensure funds and building materials will not get into terrorist hands. It must lay the foundations for a durable peace based on mutual recognition – not assist the likes of Hamas to instigate the next round of conflict and enable it to resist ceasefires and undermine negotiations.

NIFI is very thankful to Jim Shannon MP for speaking out on this difficult issue

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NIFI supports Golders Green together

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 26/06/2015

Thank you to Northern Ireland MPs Jim Shannon (sponsoring), Alasdair MacDonnell and David Simpson for signing a resolution at Westminster condemning the neo-Nazi Jew-hating and anti-Israel provocation against the Jewish community of Golders Green London, planned for the Jewish Sabbath – 4th July, and calling for Government action to be taken against it. We hope more will sign!

Photo shows all faith communities in Golders Green, north London, standing together against this provocation.

Golders green together

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Comfort ye my people

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 21/06/2015

NIFI supporter Anne Heelis has visited Israel many times with a special purpose – to seek understanding and provide comfort for a dark period of British Mandate history. Anne describes some of the people she’s met and the incidents commemorated during her travels in Israel.

Visits to Israel  by Anne Heelis

Anne heelis

Once or twice I have been unable to attend NIFI events as I have been in Israel at the time of the event and this prompted a request to write a report about my visits for NIFI.  Over the past few years, with God’s help, I have made extended visits in order to contact Israelis who suffered as a result of Britain’s policies and actions during the time of the British Mandate.

Read the rest of this entry »

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International cooperation in fight against disease

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 09/06/2015

Trinity College Dublin and Weizmann Institute in Israel both world leaders in the battle against inflammatory diseases and cancer – come together to share knowledge and best practice.

trinity weizmann

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Nepal – while many countries sent their condolences…

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 30/04/2015

29 April 2015

Nepal earthquake

Re: Israeli assistance following the earthquake in Nepal


A 260 member mission from the Home Front Command was sent to Nepal on Monday (27 April). The mission rapidly established and opened an advanced multi-department hospital in Kathmandu, equipped with approximately 95 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies from Israel and a medical staff of 122 doctors, nurses and paramedics, to provide care for disaster casualties.

The hospital includes pediatric, surgical, internal medicine, neonatal, and radiology departments as well as a maternity ward and emergency and operating rooms. The hospital has the equipment, capacity and manpower to treat approximately 200 patients each day.

The mission also comprises highly skilled search and rescue teams from the IDF National Search and Rescue Unit, who commenced operation in Kathmandu on Tuesday (28 April).

Israel nepal 2

The Israeli mission arrived in three Air Force planes (two cargo and one passenger) and two El Al planes (one cargo and one passenger) loaded with emergency aid.

Several Israeli humanitarian NGOs are also active on the ground, with emergency medical personnel, search and rescue teams and psycho-social experts.

In addition to the emergency assistance, Israel is committed to actively contribute to Nepal’s long term reconstruction and rehabilitation. This activity will be led by Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) and include civil society organizations which are active in this field. The details will be determined together with the Government of Nepal, in accordance with the long term needs arising in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

For many years, Israel’s expertise in responding rapidly and effectively to mass casualty emergencies has been used in the international arena, to assist countries in the immediate aftermath of both natural and man-made disasters. In the recent past, Israeli emergency aid missions have provided vital assistance to the Philippines, Japan, Haiti and other disaster-stricken countries.

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Pesach sameach and Happy Easter

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 02/04/2015

The Game of Thrones is filmed in Belfast and at stunning locations across Northern Ireland. Visiting the Game of Thrones exhibition at Tel Aviv port is former Israeli President Shimon Peres who sits on the coveted (but not very comfortable looking) Iron Throne. NIFI wishes chag sameach – a joyous Passover and a Happy Easter to all its supporters.


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NIFI welcomes Israeli diplomat to Belfast

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 19/03/2015

rony yedidya ulster hall

In Belfast to explain the Israeli electoral system was diplomat Rony Yedidia-Clein. Rony conducted a breakfast briefing to elected representatives and NGO leaders, met MLAs at Stormont and the media. In the evening,  Rony was amongst those addressing over 600 Christian supporters who packed the Ulster Hall in Belfast for a Taste of Tabernacles – a spectacular evening of colour, music, dance and worship. Rony delivered a message of thanks from Israel’s president, Ruvi Rivlin, to the director of the Irish branch of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem, Brian Silvester, in tribute to his years of dedicated friendship towards Israel and the Jewish people, and for the amazing work of the branch.

rony at breakfast 2015, elected reps

Rony breakfast 2015

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