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Nepal – while many countries sent their condolences…

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 30/04/2015

29 April 2015

Nepal earthquake

Re: Israeli assistance following the earthquake in Nepal


A 260 member mission from the Home Front Command was sent to Nepal on Monday (27 April). The mission rapidly established and opened an advanced multi-department hospital in Kathmandu, equipped with approximately 95 tons of humanitarian and medical supplies from Israel and a medical staff of 122 doctors, nurses and paramedics, to provide care for disaster casualties.

The hospital includes pediatric, surgical, internal medicine, neonatal, and radiology departments as well as a maternity ward and emergency and operating rooms. The hospital has the equipment, capacity and manpower to treat approximately 200 patients each day.

The mission also comprises highly skilled search and rescue teams from the IDF National Search and Rescue Unit, who commenced operation in Kathmandu on Tuesday (28 April).

Israel nepal 2

The Israeli mission arrived in three Air Force planes (two cargo and one passenger) and two El Al planes (one cargo and one passenger) loaded with emergency aid.

Several Israeli humanitarian NGOs are also active on the ground, with emergency medical personnel, search and rescue teams and psycho-social experts.

In addition to the emergency assistance, Israel is committed to actively contribute to Nepal’s long term reconstruction and rehabilitation. This activity will be led by Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) and include civil society organizations which are active in this field. The details will be determined together with the Government of Nepal, in accordance with the long term needs arising in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake.

For many years, Israel’s expertise in responding rapidly and effectively to mass casualty emergencies has been used in the international arena, to assist countries in the immediate aftermath of both natural and man-made disasters. In the recent past, Israeli emergency aid missions have provided vital assistance to the Philippines, Japan, Haiti and other disaster-stricken countries.

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Pesach sameach and Happy Easter

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 02/04/2015

The Game of Thrones is filmed in Belfast and at stunning locations across Northern Ireland. Visiting the Game of Thrones exhibition at Tel Aviv port is former Israeli President Shimon Peres who sits on the coveted (but not very comfortable looking) Iron Throne. NIFI wishes chag sameach – a joyous Passover and a Happy Easter to all its supporters.


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NIFI welcomes Israeli diplomat to Belfast

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 19/03/2015

rony yedidya ulster hall

In Belfast to explain the Israeli electoral system was diplomat Rony Yedidia-Clein. Rony conducted a breakfast briefing to elected representatives and NGO leaders, met MLAs at Stormont and the media. In the evening,  Rony was amongst those addressing over 600 Christian supporters who packed the Ulster Hall in Belfast for a Taste of Tabernacles – a spectacular evening of colour, music, dance and worship. Rony delivered a message of thanks from Israel’s president, Ruvi Rivlin, to the director of the Irish branch of the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem, Brian Silvester, in tribute to his years of dedicated friendship towards Israel and the Jewish people, and for the amazing work of the branch.

rony at breakfast 2015, elected reps

Rony breakfast 2015

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Israel goes to the polls – on St Patricks Day.

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 05/03/2015

Who will lead Israel after the 17 March general election?

Benjamin Netanyahu, whose brother Jonathan was named after Irishman, Colonel John Patterson, whose wife was from Belfast?

Netanyahu speaking last year at the reinterment in Israel of the remains of Colonel John Patterson and his Belfast-born wife, Frances Helena Gray.

Or Isaac Herzog, whose father was born in Belfast and whose grandfather served as rabbi to the Belfast Jewish community?

Herzog accepts the Belfast coat of arms from NIFI’s then co chair, Terry McCorran.

Israel the only multi party democracy and free country in the Middle East – where the people decide.

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Northern Ireland Friends of Israel – welcome to our Website!

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 04/03/2015

Shalom from Northern Ireland Friends of Israel! Launched in March 2009, over 650 supporters have joined our mailing list and over 6,500 people have attended our events! We have fostered strong ties between Northern Ireland and Israel and promote understanding between the peoples of both countries. Belfast___060509_073 First and Deputy First Ministers We were honoured to host the ambassador of Israel, HE Ron Prosor, in Belfast (seen above, meeting First Minister, Peter Robinson, and Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness). We wish to promote positive engagement with all those who seek a just and lasting peace between Israel and its neighbours.

NIFI is on Facebook

Please click on the headings in blue to look at the following:

About: our Mission Statement launched in May 2009.

Israel news in Northern Ireland – “two wee countries separated by a continent!”, amazing stories of strengthening cultural, economic and political connections between Northern Ireland and Israel

Members contributions are their own and may not in all cases reflect the views of NIFI. Articles published are owned by the person who wrote them and are not the views of the site’s editors, contributors, or other commenters.

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Holocaust Memorial Day in Northern Ireland 2015 – 70 years since the Liberation of Auschwitz

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 25/01/2015

Our photo shows a photograph display for Holocaust Memorial Day at the Waterside library on Glendermott Road. The exhibition is produced by Yad Vashem, the international Holocaust museum and research centre based in Jerusalem.The title of the exhibition is “But The Story Didn’t End That Way…”. It will be running until January 30th.
It is an exhibition of 18 posters which tell the story of German Jewry from the Weimar Republic through the late 1930’s. The posters are arranged in chronological order and allow the observer to understand the process by which anti-Jewish policy in the German Reich was crystallized, reaching a peak in the vast pogrom of November 9-10 1938.

Check the list for Holocaust Memorial day events across Northern Ireland here

Waterside library HMD

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Tribute to Paris dead

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 13/01/2015

Tributes paid in Israel for those slain in Paris, including the four Jews out shopping for Shabbat at a kosher shop – all being buried in Jerusalem today. NIFI extends the condolences of its supporters to their families and friends.

Tributes in Israel

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Israeli goods go to a good cause

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 22/12/2014

IsrACTION Day – a day for buying Israeli products and donating them to good causes across the UK and Ireland. NIFI is proud to donate Israeli goods to Adullam church in Belfast’s inner city for its “Hope on the Streets” initiative, which has for a number of years been distributing warm clothes and food to those in need on the streets. NIFI is proud to play its part. Photos show Sharon Lough, the church’s Pastor Paul Burns and lots of goods from Israel being donated.

NIFI wishes its supporters chag Chanuka sameach for those who celebrate Chanuka, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas, and a happy and peaceful new year to all our supporters in Northern Ireland, Israel and around the world.

Israction basket

Israction 2015


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Holocaust Education Trust Ireland – message from Dr Denis MacEoin

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 19/12/2014

FAO Irish Holocaust Education Trust

Denis Maceoin

Dear Sirs,

Some of you may have known or heard of the late Helen Lewis MBE, a Holocaust survivor who found refuge after the war in Belfast, where she found a new husband and brought a young family into the world. In later life, she was awarded the MBE for her services to dance in Ulster, and she wrote, after many years, the story of her time in Terezin and other camps. One of her two sons, Michael, was in my class at RBAI, and her younger son was in my brother’s class. I got to know her in my teens when I studied at the Lyric Theatre’s drama school (run by Mary O’Malley), where she was our dance teacher. A dynamic, strong, determined yet deeply kind woman, she was the first truly formative presence in my life then. I have not forgotten the moment when, getting down to work, she rolled up her sleeves and I caught sight of the numbers tattooed there. I knew what they meant and that she had been in a concentration camp, but back in those days she never spoke openly of her experiences.

Read the rest of this entry »

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First Minister briefed in Brussels

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 13/11/2014

Important briefing: Northern Ireland’s First Minister, Peter Robinson, learns about EU funding which benefits Hamas. Mr Robison is shown here meeting Alex Benjamin, political director of the European Friends of Israel. Alex was a founding supporter of Northern Ireland Friends of Israel. Here he presents Mr Robinson with the book: Hamas Terror Tunnels – Paid for by the EU?

Peter Robinson Gaza Brussels

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