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Passover greetings

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 22/04/2016

On the eve of the Festival of Passover Northern Ireland Friends of Israel wishes its Jewish supporters in Northern Ireland, Israel and around the world chag sameach – a joyous and peaceful Festival!

dry bones pesach

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March of Life in Belfast

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 20/04/2016

NIFI is proud to support the March of Life in Belfast on May 1 2016

On and around this date the March of Life will take place in many different cities in Germany, Europe and across the globe to remember and honour the memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

March of Life in Northern Ireland will be on Sunday 1 May 2016, 3 – 4pm

meeting at Jaffe fountain, Victoria Square, Belfast

end point Belfast City Hall

Please note this is not a NIFI event – for more information and to confirm attendance please contact the organisers at:

march of life

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International Women’s day 2016

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 08/03/2016

On International Women’s Day 2016, NIFI remembers two women who pioneered  journalism as a career for women in Northern Ireland, and who had a warm and enduring relationship with Israel – Ray and Judith Rosenfield. As our photo from the Northern Whig shows these two women look as if they’re intruding in an entirely male preserve. Members of the Belfast Jewish community, from Cliftonpark Avenue in the north of the city, immortalised in the poetry of John Hewitt (“for romance, for mystery I’d choose, the Rosenfields and Weiners, our own Jews”), their papers at Queen’s University reveal their visits and charitable support for the fledgling state of Israel. Accomplished art critics, reviewers, editors of a woman’s page, journalists, dramatists, columnists and writers. (photo from Mr Hack blog)


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Lord Sacks on the meaning of life and what Israel means to him.

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 12/02/2016

Sacks Byrne

Lord Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi, discusses the meaning of life and faith with Gay Byrne – and gives his take on what Israel means for him.

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Holocaust Memorial – interesting broadcasts

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 26/01/2016

On Holocaust Memorial week, NVTV (Belfast Local Television) have a number of programmes relating to the Shoah and the local Jewish community which will be of interest to NIFI supporters.

Belfast Local Television
Freeview 8 & Virgin 159

Holocaust art

In Focus – Mel Goldberger visits the NVTV studio as he shares the story of his father’s escape from Vienna to Northern Ireland after Kristallnacht

Duration: 30:00

January 27th – 19.45


January 27th – 22.45

January 29th – 21.15

January 31st – 20.15

I remember the Holocaust – Rare archive of Belfast choreographer Helen Lewis who survived Auschwitz. She survived two so called ‘selections’ by Dr Josef Mengele. She moved to Northern Ireland in 1947 and passed away in 2009.
Duration: 30:00

28 Jan – 21:45


29 Jan – 19.45

From the archives – A Century Later, Short Stories – With Ronnie Appleton QC. Reflections on the Jewish community which gave much to the development of Belfast.

Duration: 15:00

January 26th – 21.00


January 27th – 20.15

January 29th – 18.45

I remember little Jerusalem – Rare archive of the late Raphael Siev who talks about his childhood memories in the old Beth Hamedrash Hagodel Shul in Walworth Road, Dublin – now the Irish Jewish museum
Duration: 15:00

27 Jan 16 20:30

28 Jan 20.30

Discover the Archives – Archival interview with Rabbi Avraham Citron, former rabbi of the Belfast Jewish community, who shared his experiences and insights into Jewish culture and community with Northern Visions in 2006.
Duration: 30:00

28 Jan 16 22.45

29 Jan 17.45

Schedules can be subject to change – please check here:

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Holocaust Memorial Day in Northern Ireland

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 18/01/2016

The Suitcase synagogue 2015

Holocaust Memorial Day Commemoration
Monday, 25 January, 2016 – 18:30 to 21:00

Belfast City Council are joining with Spring Lane Production to host a showing of The Suitcase by Jane Coyle.
The storyline moves between modern day Belfast and 1930s Vienna. At its centre is the discovery of a suitcase in the house of the late Leo Edelmann, a Holocaust survivor from Berlin, who settled and raised a family in Belfast.

Address Belfast City Hall

Cost Free

Attendance details

Light refreshments will be available at 6.30pm. Booking essential: Email or call 028 9027 0663 to reserve your place.


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From Tel Aviv and Belfast City Halls

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 15/11/2015

Belfast city hall france

Tel Aviv

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Israeli visitors in Belfast

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 15/11/2015

Welcome visitors to Belfast – former government minister Gideon Sa’ar; news anchor journalist Geula Even and Eran Etzion, former diplomat and strategic planner. Seen here at the Colonel Patterson memorial on Northumbria Street.Israeli politicians belfast

Israeli politicians in belfast 2

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Presbyterian Herald

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 04/11/2015

Huge thank you to NIFI supporter William Bennett who has the following letter published in the Presbyterian Herald:

I was very concerned to see such a one-sided piece concerning Gaza in the News section of the October Herald.

The piece, which appears to emanate from Christian Aid, does not mention Hamas once. Your readers may not be aware that Gaza is governed by Hamas, a body which is pledged to destroy Israel and murder Jews. A Hamas spokesman recently lauded the murder of a Rabbi and his wife in front of their children as a heroic act.

Christian Aid

Hamas has a history of diverting concrete from civilian purposes to the construction of sophisticated tunnels which extend into Israel. The purpose of these has been shown to be the murder, maiming and kidnapping of Israeli civilians.

Some balance in the coverage of the problems around Gaza would be welcome. Surely Israel is allowed to defend her people

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Shalom Declaration

Posted by nifriendsofisrael on 01/08/2015

The Shalom Declaration – a public declaration by Christians across the UK.

For more information – including where to send the signed declaration – please contact To download a copy of the Declaration please click here: Shalom Declaration – final

Shalom declaration Leeds 2015

A public declaration by Christians across our nation which states as follows: We hereby affirm as Christians that so much of our spiritual inspiration for our faith is derived from the Hebrew Bible. We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

We deeply appreciate that Israel is the only country in the Middle East which extends freedom of worship to all its citizens and where the Christian community is growing.
We grieve and stand with families in Israel and the wider Middle East, who have lost loved ones and with all who are persecuted by the rise of violent extremism and intolerance in the region. We pray that those inciting trouble and disharmony in the Middle East and who threaten the existence of Israel will be thwarted.
We further pray that the peacemakers will see their patience and vision rewarded so that Isaiah’s prophecy of “swords beaten into pruning forks” and the declaration of Jesus that “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God”, will soon become a reality.
We draw succour from the vibrancy of the State of Israel, from its democratic political system, its academic and cultural creativity and its remarkable contribution to humanity in terms of science and technology.
And we call upon the spiritual leaders and elected representatives of our nation to work tirelessly to combat anti-Semitism and violent extremism across the world and to strengthen understanding and co-operation between the peoples of our nation and of Israel.

Glasgow - Shalom david currie nigel Tuckton Bournemouth Israel prayer Shalom OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ICEJ Wigan shalomAlfreton John Peters Shalom Declaration

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