Lehitraot – Farewell to Ambassador Zion Evrony

The Jewish community in the Republic of Ireland and Christian supporters of Israel said farewell to departing ambassador Zion Evrony at an event in Dublin.

Farewell: Zion Evrony says Shalom

Guest speaker was Stephen Moutray, member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, who delivered a farewell message from First Minister, Peter Robinson. Stephen said that many people in Northern Ireland understood “what the Israeli people are going through as they face the deadly threat of Hamas terrorism.”

Ambassador Evrony was an outstanding representative for Israel in an often hostile environment. The ambassador said one of the most disturbing memories of his time in the Republic was seeing a sack of potatoes under police guard at an Irish supermarket because they were believed to be Israeli. However, the ambassador could point to a growing trading relationship between Israel and the Republic of Ireland which amounts to over 400m euros a year.

We in NIFI were very grateful when Ambassador Evrony came north to address a 160 strong audience at our meeting in Coleraine. We wish the Ambassador and wife Rita every success and look forward to welcoming the in-coming ambassador  to our events in Northern Ireland.

The farewell gathering in Dublin, organised by Irish Christian Friends of Israel, was attended by over 200 people and raised over 3000 euros for the Ambassador’s chosen charity, the Jerusalem Centre for the Blind. (Photo: Paddy Monaghan)