NIFI Supporters at Conference

NIFI supporter Paula Tabakin has recently attended two important conferences which set out Israel’s case. She writes here about her experiences.
I was once again very priviliged to be invited to the Israel Connect 2010 London conference. This year’s conference was very well attended and hosted a number of really top class speakers from Israel:
NIFI supporters Paula and Marc with leading Israeli spokesman Yehuda Avner
Nitzan Horowitz – Israeli Journalist and Politician (Member of Knesset)
Hillel Neuer – Director of UN Watch (Human Rights NGO)
Andrew White – Creator of Israel Advocacy website Beyond Images, and 
Yehuda Avner – Served as senior advisor to Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin, Menachem Begin, and Shimon Peres.
I attended this conference with fellow NIFI Supporter Marc McCorkell. We met some of the distinquished guests and discussed difficulties faced by Israeli supporters living overseas, particularly in Northern Ireland . I explained we faced many challenges because of the on-going campaign of deligitimisation  and this conference helped us develop tools with which to tackle these difficulties .
After the conference, I travelled on to Israel where I attended an “Israel -connect-Israel” event . This is a group formed by young people who have either made Aliyah from Europe or are in Israel for a period of time . The main speaker at this event was Miri Eisen  – a retired colonel of the Israeli Army with a background in political science. She is an official spokeswoman charged with explaining and clarifying Israel’s perspective with regard to issues affecting the country’s international standing. She pointed out that Israel has the second largest number of foreign correspondents in the world making it a focus of international attention.
I am very grateful for these opportunities and hope they will help me to contribute to putting Israel’s case in Northern Ireland.