An invitation to NIFI

Its always nice to get an invitation.  However, NIFI received the following invitation from the head of the Palestine Solidarity Group at Queen’s which is just a little bit less than gracious.
Hi there,
Thought it would be interesting and worth inviting the pro Zionist’s in Belfast to the film screening occurring on the 11th of November at the queens university Belfast. 
Hopefully this film can educate some of you into the misdirection of your ways and support for the fascist Israeli state. 
I happen to be head of the Palestine Solidarity Society here at queens and i am currently going through your entire website, your policies, your statements, your articles, your blogs etc etc and i am writing an entire assessment to be published very shortly which will show people the truth of your organization.
The same individual claimed we were ourselves Fascist if we dared not attend.
Reverend Stephen Sizer, who is speaking at the meeting, declined to distance himself from the menacing tone of the invitation and acknowledged the issues generated strong feelings. He very much looks forward to meeting us.
Stephen Sizer has himself called the police out when an undergraduate blogger accused him of allegedly  associating with Fascists. Come on Stephen, don’t turn a blind eye  when the boot’s on the other foot!  {Stephen says it wasn’t him who called the police on the undergraduate blogger and says the allegations made against him constituted serious slander}
UPDATE 1 We are delighted to report that, on reading this post, Reverend Stephen Sizer says he didn’t endorse the invitation sent to us which is as close to condemning it as we think we’re going to get from him. He believes he has more in common with us than differences and has invited our London-based co chair, Steven Jaffe, to meet him in London or Virginia Water which Steven has accepted. Reverend Stephen Sizer, on his website, describes the recent demolition of a 6 month old mosque built on a football stadium car park without planning permission as “Israel’s Kristallnacht”.   Today is the anniversary of Kristallnacht in which 91 Jews were killed, 30,000 taken to concentration camps, 168 synagogues ransacked and 267 set on fire. We don’t know the full details of the reasons for the Mosque demolition, and fully understand why local opinion may be running high. But what causes an Anglican clergyman based in Virginia Water to make such a grotesque analogy? Over to you, Stephen!
UPDATE 2: Reverend Stephen Sizer has proven us wrong and on Thursday morning he says he “regrets” the terms of the invitation to us. We welcome that. He also points out he did not invoke the Kristallnacht analogy which he repeated on his website from a Jewish source. Stephen has yet to say whether he regrets disseminating such a grotesque  analogy or whether he stands by it.