Visit Israel!

“I had a wonderful time and will never read the Bible in the same way again.”  This was just one of the comments from those who returned to Northern Ireland last week from a 10 day trip to Israel. Over 30 people participated and enjoyed the unique experience of the sights and sounds of the land of the Bible.







Tour leader Dr James McKeown reports: “It seems incredible that a short visit to Israel can have such a lasting impact on our understanding of the Scriptures. Yet many people have testified that a visit to Israel has greatly enhanced and enlightened their approach to the Bible”.

The tour visited many of the usual sites such as Nazareth and Jerusalem but also got off the beaten track to visit archaeological sites and nature reserves. “In Israel many places of interest are only a few miles apart” James points out, “and it enables groups to enjoy a diversity of sites and cultural experiences. Everyone enjoyed, in particular, the boat trip on the Sea of Galilee which helped to place many of the Gospel stories in their geographical context”.







The first 5 nights were spent in a hotel in Tiberias and for the remainder of the trip the group stayed in Jerusalem. The hotels provided very comfortable accommodation and excellent food. “Rumour has it that several of those on the tour would love a return visit. With growing excitement we can say again,  “Next year in Jerusalem!”