We Believe in Israel

On 15 May, a huge conference for supporters of Israel, called  “We Believe in Israel”, will be held in central London. This will be one of the biggest pro-Israel events in the country, and certainly the largest, most diverse and strongest conference for Israel’s supporters in the UK.

Join one thousand delegates showing their support in one simple concept – Israel as a democratic and Jewish state.

We Believe in Israel will include inspirational plenary sessions with top-level speakers, and sessions that will include updates and analysis on the situation in the region, training in skills that can help you in your political activism, and sessions that will allow you to grapple with the complex ethical and philosophical challenges that underpin the Jewish state.

Northern Ireland Friends of Israel are proud to be one of the organisations supporting this event.

We Believe in Israel is a BICOM event that is supported by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Zionist Federation, the Union of Jewish Students, Christian Friends of Israel and many others.