Gilad Shalit – Welcome Home

Hamas are right – Israel worships life. 

NIFI salutes everyone in Northern Ireland who has prayed for the day of Gilad Shalit’s return to his family. From songwriter Jim Clint who wrote a song for Gilad that was listened to by thousands on Youtube to those who signed on-line petitions or wrote to his family to give them support or who simply prayed or had him in their thoughts..

We think of those families who will never see their loved ones again and who have witnessed killers and accomplices walking free as part of the deal to bring Gilad home. We think of Arnold Roth and his family. Their 15 year old daughter was slaughtered with other youngsters in a Pizza bar bombing in Jerusalem. Out of that cold blooded killing the Roth family launched a charity in the name of their daughter, Keren Malki, which allows families with disabled children the option of caring for them at home – a charity which works right across the Jewish-Arab divide. Arnold visited Belfast some years back – the woman who piloted the bomb to the pizza parlour is now free, having never shown any remorse.

We rejoice with Gilad and his family today. His abductors will claim a great victory. They denied Gilad every human right but humanitarians who arrived in Gaza rarely said a word on his behalf.

Gilad Shalit, soldier of Israel – welcome home!