Heart to heart: Belfast and Israeli doctors at cutting edge

NIFI is delighted to learn about cutting-edge research work undertaken jointly by senior medical consultants in Belfast and Jerusalem.

This  has just been published in a prestigious international journal . The research investigated the benefits of an Israeli invention, which is used in cardiac surgery patients, post surgery. The research team included Dr William  McBride, consultant at the Belfast Trust Cardiac Anaesthesia Department, and the leading Israeli physician and researcher, Prof David Linton, of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The international research  project was also assisted by the universities of Florence and Sienna.

This research follows on from a long-standing relationship. Prof Linton was a guest some years back at the Royal Victoria Hospital and gave several guest lectures, most notable of which concerned the management of swine flu in his intensive care unit in Jerusalem. This was particularly relevant on the eve of the swine flu epidemic reaching these islands.

Famous Chagal windows: Hadassah hospital, Jerusalem

Dr McBride has also given a lecture to the department of renal medicine in the Hadassah hospital in  Jerusalem, on the subject of renal failure at cardiac surgery. NIFI was particularly impressed to learn that William conducted this entire lecture in modern Hebrew!  William tells NIFI, “It is hoped this fruitful academic Belfast-Jerusalem collaboration can continue to the benefit of all our patients, irrespective of race or creed both here, in Israel and elsewhere“.