NIPSA union withdraws boycott Israel resolution

A leading trade union in Northern Ireland has been obliged to withdraw a motion calling for the boycott of certain Israeli goods because the resolution had no basis in fact.

NIPSA is the largest trade union head-quartered in Northern Ireland and represents public sector workers. Some of its leaders have a long history of hostile activity towards Israel.

The motion, put forward at the trade union’s annual conference in Enniskillen last week, noted with dismay “the passing of legislation in Israel that effectively creates segregation on buses,” and called for the Union’s general council to lobby to ban settlement goods in response.

The problem being not least there is no such legislation.

Northern Ireland Friends of Israel co chairs, Terry McCorran and Steven Jaffe, said: “We welcome the withdrawal of the motion and hope it leads to reflection by Union leaders about unfair hostility to Israel. We very much look forward to engaging with Union members who want to make a positive contribution towards peace in the Middle East. Northern Ireland trade unions have much to offer given their experience of fostering cross-community dialogue, and both Israelis and Palestinians could learn a lot from their example”.

London-based Steven said: “We are grateful for assistance from Trade Union Friends of Israel and Trade Union Links with Israel and Palestine who we approached for help”.