Anybody know Liz?

A retro piece from the Ulster Star – we would be delighted to hear from anyone who knows Liz!


In 1969 Army helicopters were landing near her garden in Northern Ireland, so Liz headed off for a second stint as a volunteer on an Israeli kibbutz!

Liz packs up and leaves for Israel

A LISBURN teenager was preparing for a trip of a lifetime to Israel back in May, 1969.

Liz Boyd, aged 19, packed in her job and said goodbye to friends and family as she set off to work in a communal community called a Kibbutz with 400 Israelis and other nationalities.

Liz revealed to the Star: “I went to Kibbutz a year ago and it mattered to them I was there. They needed me. I have got a one way ticket and don’t know how long I will be there.

“It’s a big step for me to take, but it is one I must make,” added the secretary from McCready’s Rose Gardens in Derriaghy.

In the Kibbutz Liz was to share in the domestic and manual work along with other volunteers from America, Canada and other European countries.

After flying to London, Liz was set to travel to Marseilles to catch the SS Apalionia which would take her to Haifa.

“Later, perhaps, I will go to work directly with Arab refugees or do hospital work.

Living beside a reservoir has been hectic in recent weeks and with helicopters landing in the garden I’m looking forward to some relative peace in war locked Israel.”