NIFI salutes Jim Shannon MP

We salute Jim Shannon MPs contribution to the recent Westminster Hall debate on the UN commission’s report on Gaza.

Jim made clear the UN’s history of dealing with this issue has been so biased. Any international report should address the causes of on-going conflict and seek to restore peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

Jim Shannon

Such a report would need to address the aspirations of Hamas and more extremist groups in Gaza, who want to do with the Jews what is happening to other religious and ethnic groups across the Middle East – either slaughter them or force them to flight.

That sad truth should cause Mark Durkan MP and others to reflect on their suggestion that Israel should be subjected to an arms embargo. Israel is a small democratic state which has Hamas, Hezbolla, Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad etc on its borders.

How would Mark like his own constituency in Foyle to be in the same position?

Mark Durkan’s call is therefore tantamount to saying “throw Israel to the wolves” – like the Christians, Yazidis and Muslim minority communities in the region.

The huge issue of reconstruction of Gaza needs to ensure funds and building materials will not get into terrorist hands. It must lay the foundations for a durable peace based on mutual recognition – not assist the likes of Hamas to instigate the next round of conflict and enable it to resist ceasefires and undermine negotiations.

NIFI is very thankful to Jim Shannon MP for speaking out on this difficult issue