Message from NIFI

We condemn without reservation the arson attack at Duma which has left a Palestinian baby dead and the knife attack in Jerusalem which has left six Gay Pride marchers injured.

It is sad to see the fires of demonization against Israel being stoked by the actions of Jewish terrorists, but at the moment our thoughts are with the bereaved and injured.

A message from Belfast-born rabbi, Geoffrey Hyman:

I – as a human being, orthodox Jew and rabbi – severely condemn the acts of Jewish radicals who commit acts of violence against others in the name of our holy Torah. Whether it is a deranged criminal who stabbed participants at yesterday’s Gay Pride parade in Yerushalayim or militant West Bank settlers who burnt down Palestinian homes in Duma, acts of violence and terrorism against others are wrong. Such acts stand in stark contradistinction to our Torah teachings which are “deracheah darkhei noam” – its ways are the ways of pleasantness; “vekhol netivoteha shalom” – and its pathways are to peace