Balfour centenary celebrated at Stormont

Balfour Stormont Nov 17The Great Hall, Stormont, was packed to capacity to mark a hundred years since the Balfour Declaration – one of the significant centenary anniversaries associated with the Great War, and an important milestone towards the establishment of the state of Israel.

Named after the then Foreign secretary, Lord Balfour, the declaration gave the support of the British government to the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in its ancestral homeland.

It was welcomed as an act of justice and restoration to an exiled and persecuted people.

Over 200 attended the commemoration including members of the House of Lords, Commons and Northern Ireland Assembly.

Balfour centenary speakers and vips


Speakers included the deputy ambassador of Israel, Sharon Bar Li.

Israeli songs were performed by London-based singer songwriter, Tally Koren.

Balfour Stormont Tally Nov 17


The event was organised jointly between the Northern Ireland Friends of Israel and the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem.

Speakers included historian Roy Thurley, David Parsons, vice president of ICEJ and Rabbi David Singer of the Belfast Jewish community.

(Photos George Pennock  )

trevor Lunn Balfour 100 Stormont Nov 17